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The Informer

3rd edition – 11th of December 2008


Courage Agrompah and Innocent Akorli

The 3rd edition of The Informer presents many fun facts for you and reporting on the 2008 Presidential Election and very funny jokes written by our own sports reporter!

Due to the Holidays and vacations we also will go on break! Hopefully we will be back with more information on February or March! Wait for us and visit us on the website !

GHANA 2008!

There will be a 2nd round

By James Hogba

It was declared by the General Chairman at the Electoral Commission (EC), Dr. Kodjo Afari-Gyan that the polls results were not enough to declare a winner. There were eight candidates in total, but none of them gathered the majority of votes for the presidential position.
Since they had most of the votes, the candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo- Dankwah Akuffo Addo, and Professor Atta Mills’ National Democratic Congress (NDC) will participate on the runoff, scheduled for the 28th of December. Then, one of them will be elected president.
Dr. Afari-Gyan stated that the ruling party (NPP) leaded the first poll with 4,159,439 votes, which is equivalent to 49.13% of the total. The NDC follows it with 47.92%.
He also declared that the results for the Member of Parliament (MP) for Akwatia, in the Eastern Region and Asutifi, in the south were not yet decided.

Important facts!

Environmental degradation

BY Lydia Komla

It is the gradual process by which the natural states or the quality of the environment deteriorates or gets destroyed through the activities of man or other natural phenomena. This is happening in such a way that natural environmental resources are not enough to support plants and animals life.


Indiscriminate cutting of trees
Bush fires
Construction of roads and houses
Mining activities
Use of chemicals
Pollution of the atmosphere
Sand winning/quarrelling


There should be adequate education.
There should be practice of a forestation.

By the Informer Team


… what is Candidiasis?

Candidiasis is a fungal infection, like a mycosis. The fungus lives controlled in many people, but when it starts multiplying it can cause discomfort and sometimes, more serious symptoms.
The fungus can multiply when the body is not very healthy or when there is a change in the body system. For example, girls can have a change of the acidity (PH) of the vagina and then the fungus starts multiplying.
BUT! Candidiasis can also be spread through sex! Kissing and oral sex as well!
Candiasis can make the person feel pain when urinating, burning and itching on the intimate parts, and sometimes a thick, white discharge that is usually odorless, although it might smell like bread or yeast.
The treatment is very simple and quick. So, if you have any of these symptoms go look for a doctor or nurse!

… that there are many youth friendly websites for RSH?

Yes! There are websites with games, fun facts and videos to help youth better understand their bodies and reproductive and sexual needs, wishes and concerns!
Take a look at these here!

Is a nice website with plenty information for young people! They talk about relationships, parenting, abortion, diseases, … and the fears and joys of growing up!

This has a lot of information for young people, specially those who are from or live in African countries!

It has a fun programme on how hormones work in our bodies!

It is a fun website that helps us understand how RSH works for us young people living in Africa. They have games and stories!

….that HIV

is the name for Human Immunodeficiency Virus! And that Aids is a syndrome that roughly means a collection of different symptoms.


The choir of Apostles Revelation Society Church turns three

By Afeke Eric Setsoafia

The Corinthians Choir of Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) Church celebrated three years of service last Sunday, the 11th of December, at the church premises in Ho. The choir which was founded on 13th November, 2005 by Rev. Gershon Doe Gakpetor has 30 members, including 16 males and 14 females. The church which is located behind the electoral commission was filled with hundreds of members of the congregation and well-wishers.

The regional superintendent minister (RSM), Rev. G.D. Gakpetor who preached the days sermon from Psalm 105:1-3, said if not for the special grace of God, the choir could have collapsed some time ago. “For that reason everybody should be happy about the celebration,” claimed Rev. Gakpetor.

He said that teenage pregnancy is a common issue in Ghana and urged all members of the choir to be careful in their practices. Rev. Gakpetor also asked attendants to plant the seed of unity, love, and forgiveness for every person, regardless of their status and condition.

After the sermon the president of the choir, Mr. Isaac Setsoafia read all the achievements made by the choir. An appeal was made for purchasing of musical instruments and at the end of the programme, an amount of GHc 1,100.00 was made available to the choir.

Music is the joy of life

By Ike Nkutie

90% of mankind testified that music is a term of singing, and dancing. In an interview with a local musician Mia Israe Magenta, from Tegdi, in the Volta Region makes us understand why.

“Music is the joy! I may say I was born with it. I started singing at the age two years. While singing I used to play my own manufactured Milk and Milo Tin drum,” said Magenta, remembering that that was great entertainment for people who surrounded him.

He tells that at primary level, he was appointed as morning devotion leader and at junior high school, he was elected as culture, music and dance prefect. “Amazingly at second circle level I was again adjudged school prefect. Through all this my leisure times were for music. For God has really been on my side,” explained the musician.

Magenta came out with his first album entitled Makafuie that means he will praise the lord with the help of supreme singer. Three years have passed since the first album.
“All this by God through his people and thus my pride,” finishes the musician who has a long career ahead of him.


At the spot
By Hayi Dickson

A customer at a drinking spot said to the waiter “please bring me the same sort of the drink that man is taking”, pointing to the man sitting beside him. After taking a sip of the drink he said back angrily to the waiter: “hey waiter! Is this the drink that man is taking and laughing on top. Did I ask of Quinine?”
The waiter replied, that it was the same drink that he was taking.
“Congratulations and well done sir”, said the customer to the other man.

By Hayi Dickson

A man in a commercial vehicle (TROTRO) travelling from Kumasi to Dunkwa witnessed what he believe was bringing illegal cargo. He saw the driver of his vehicle giving money to a policeman at a barrier. He said impolitely, “even with the positive change our drivers still bribe”. He confined “these policemen are so corrupt that one can trust them for fast a moment”.
Unknown for him there was a policeman sitting just behind him in the trotro. In an inform, the policeman topped him on “Oga, you say what?”
Then after realizing the one who tapped him was a policeman, he said cowardly: “but what at all is wrong with me, that any time I get booze I hate nonsense”.
You are not boozed ‘’ the man replied back.
“Officer, please I boozed I mean it .I’m boozed serious, serious”.